Evenness is about building experiences with emerging technology aimed at creating balance or equity between things. It is about finding ways to even out and balance the feelings you may be having with effective mechanisms that have already been developed, enhanced and now accessible with virtual reality.


  • Supporting NDIS Providers

  • Fostering Self Awareness

  • Assisting Gross Motor Skills

  • Independent Activity

  • Safe and User Controlled Environment

Sensory Space

Mindfulness Space



Ryan Kiddle from The Disability Trust

“Once we tried the Evenness Sensory Space in Virtual Reality we were sold. We did some further tests with our clients and saw the positive affect it was having to them. We now have the Virtual Reality Evenness set-up at one of our new premises and looking to further collaborate in the academic space on the effectiveness of the VR experience to that of a physical space.”

Sue Zorn from Sherwood Hills

"I tried the Evenness Sensory Space with my primary school ASD students and received very positive feedback. As a small school, we do not have available space for a sensory room so this product helps us offer a sensory experience to our ASD students. Evenness offers a calm environment where the children have control over their surroundings. There is a lot of opportunity for sensory engagement and the space encouraged imaginative thinking. The children loved the sounds, colours and the movement of objects and colours creates a calming effect. I would recommend this product to others."

Rebecca Woolford from The Disability Trust

"In the Evenness Sensory Space, we have experienced the best outcomes with people who have high levels of anxiety in their day-to-day life. I think that is because in the Sensory Space there is a calming sound that goes around and calming activities that they can touch and listen too to distract them from their day-to-day anxiety … other services in the organisation also come and use it such as vocation care, sport and recreation care."

Gerald Farrugia from The Disability Trust

"I think it brings a competitive advantage because there are participants out there that require a sensory space, and a physical sensory room’s cost of maintenance is just beyond the reach of some providers ... we are also able to use it on participants with very high levels to very low levels of support needs … because of the stimuli, it is really calming, interactive and not overwhelming, so people with anxiety seem to benefit from it a great deal"

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